Is your website doing all it can for you and your brand?

Websites are already a huge part of a business' brand and presence and year on year they continue to become even more fundamental. With the ever changing and evolving ways that your customers find and consume content it's never been more essential to ensure that you stay fresh and don't get left in 2021.

Big agency product, small freelancer rates

As an independent freelancer I have the flexibility to work close with clients and adapt how I work to what suits you best. Working in this way you are talking face to face with the person whom designs, codes and supports your development from initial conception to launch. Working independently means I have lower overheads which translates to a saving for you without a compromise in quality. I'm also well connected so if additional resources are required for your project I can either arrange these or set up meetings and introductions.

Be Responsive

Responsive Design Tablets have started to transform everyday web browsing; no longer do you have to boot up a laptop just to check the football results, you simply press a button to wake your device and you're ready to go. With the wide offering of tablets from different manufacturers and of different specifications you need to ensure that no matter the screen size, pixel density or orientation that your website offers a great user experience and looks tip top.

That's not to say we leave it at tablets; smartphones offer another completely different paradigm when it comes to browsing. With limited screen real estate you need to ensure that principal content is at the focus of your user's attention and ensure that they can find their way around easily.

Stunning and usable design needs to scale up as well as down. We've covered smaller screens on more portable devices but on large screens such as desktops and laptops you can showcase your content wrapped in the full feature of your design.

Edit Yourself

In-context EditingWith the abundance of social media now ingrained into our daily lives you need to keep a constant flow of marketing targeted towards your audience. Even the most basic packages I offer are backed by an award winning content management system (CMS) so that you take control of the content on your website.

Whether it's the content on static pages or time sensitive content such as blog posts you can edit and create with intuitive in context editing. You no longer have to rely on third parties or go through lengthy iterations just for minor edits.

With this power at your fingertips your online platform will be both reactive and current making your marketing strategies easier to deploy. Couple this with social media integration and you have a powerhouse with which you can seamlessly push your message out across all channels.

Feature Up

FeaturesRedefine the role your website plays by building in bespoke features. This can range from data capture forms to online order and booking systems all the way through to complete development of web applications.

Implement payment gateways to process online payments and gain a further stream of revenue from selling online whether you're looking to accept online payments or launch a fully fledged e-commerce store.

Need something completely bespoke? I specialise in the design and development of web applications from scratch meaning you have complete control over the specification of your project. This can include custom admin interfaces for different roles such as managers and customer service agents, or even user facing dashboards and APIs to assist in integrating your product with others.

All solutions whether CMS based or built as applications from scratch are engineered in such as way as to be highly scalable in order to adapt to your evolving business needs and changes. This aids in minimising costs as well as allowing your project to be deployed in phases if you require or prefer it.