RS Auto Spa

RS Auto Spa Ltd. is a startup company specialising in the valeting and detailing of cars offering a comprehensive range of services and packages from basic cleaning to full paint correction and restoration.

I was approached with the task of developing a marketing website for the company to help establish the brand and act as an online brochure offering potential customers an overview of services on offer.

The website features a modern design where most content regions make use of 'tiles' to break the page content up into small chunks. These are displayed in an engaging way as a user scrolls by entering view from off canvas.

A key feature for the website is the 'Car Care' section which features articles written giving customers advice on how to properly maintain and improve the condition of their vehicles. Articles for this section can be compiled and published through an intutitive composer interface making regular articles a cinch to put online.

In addition to being fully content managed the website features in-context editing, social media optimisation for rich previews and a tag browser for articles to allow visitors to find exactly what they are looking for.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable development and Ross was a pleasure to work with. Overall I'm really pleased with the end result, even if I may be a bit biased towards the various Audis littered throughout the site!

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