MidasWorks in a newly established training company based in Montrose, Angus. They specialise in various types of courses including Leadership & Management, Personal Development and more.

The main requirement for the website was to be able to publish an online brochure of their currently available courses which needed to be well organised between categories and show clearly the details of the course. In addition to this we also wanted to make it easy for customers to make an enquiry about a course which we did via a form at the bottom of each course which allows them to send their email address for more information.

Another notable feature is integration with MailChimp in order to make the curation of a mailing list simple and effortless since an online newsletter is a key feature of the company's marketing.

The website is fully client editable and features an intuitive admin interface which makes it easy to add new courses. The integrated blog works in much the same manner and is optimised for social media with metadata and makes use of the Disqus comments platform.

I worked closely with MidasWorks on the design where most of the creativity came from Mina and Dawn as well as their graphic designer Seonaid. This was a great experience and having regular mockups passed around we worked on and improved the design quickly leading to an end result that all parties are very pleased with.

It is also fully responsive and looks great on all kinds of devices which is a clear requirement based on the analytics data.

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