Empowered software solutions

I specialise in the creation of bespoke software solutions from small utility programs scaling all the way up to large network connected systems. Increase your operational accuracy and efficiency with a tailor made application.


Software development is an intricate engineering and creative process with many differing approaches - all of which may be correct - in which a given problem may be solved. Successful projects are underpinned through principal skills such as communication and understanding, along with architectural design and business sense coupled with a sound knowledge of various technologies and their most suitable applications.

Constantly I research new and upcoming technologies in order to further my understandings and how I can apply them within the diverse scopes and contexts of the projects I encounter.

Why Bespoke?

WireframeSoftware development from scratch offers a complete world of advantages and possibilities. Utilize company data in whole new ways through interfacing with in-place proprietary software or targeting APIs available through existing solutions. Supercharge a web application with back-end utilities such as administrative tools or automated data push tasks in order to create a strong link between application databases and business databases.

You have complete control over the scope of the project and determine exactly the role you wish for your solution to inherit. I've created a wide range of softwares from small print and report generators to image processing utilities all the way up to building-wide networked bid and saleroom management systems. I've even worked on applications to automate user interfaces of proprietary software in order to save staff time and reduce input errors.

What about hardware?

My services extend far beyond software only and I offer complete hardware solutions such as corporate grade IT installations, network infrastructure design and installation as well as networked CCTV.

What Technologies?

CodeMy main software development focus is on .NET framework applications running in a Microsoft ecosystem. I have a sound knowledge of the Windows operating system and how to deploy Microsoft powered software and hardware solutions to cater for a business' needs.

Databases form a large part of my development work where most of my experience lies with MySQL and SQL Server based solutions. I am well versed with SQL and database schema design and implementation to create a reliable and scalable platform for business logic which has a large effect on the success, usability and performance of the systems that sit atop these databases and interact with them.

I also have experience with Java for cross platform development as well as some experience with other languages such as Standard ML and C.

For my web development I have a strong background in PHP in LAMP and WAMP stack environments. I like to incorporate PHP frameworks such as Laravel and CodeIgniter in order to create robust and reliable systems rapidly. Presentation layer technologies used are the standard mix of HTML5, CSS and Javascript although in most cases I leverage the power of SCSS/Sass to preprocess CSS.

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