Daniel WaghornI've had an interest in anything electronic and technical for as long as I can remember. From a young age I was immersed in electronics and mechanics where my father first worked in the automotive industry before moving into agriculture and hydraulics. This has given me an understanding of how things work and how to create solutions. I learned a lot simply through taking things apart to examine the inner workings of anything unfortunate enough to end up infront of me.

From around the age of eight I launched my first website on a free web hosting service; not that it would win any design awards with the bright orange background, nor the layout, or the fact that it was pretty much comprised only of HTML embed codes. This was my first introduction to HTML and a few other web technologies. I also began to learn about databases and PHP with my first install of the Drupal CMS, which I used to create websites with blogs and other non-static content. A few years after I had built my first PC which gave me an insight into the inner workings of a computer, along with its components and 'what depended on what.' I also did a lot of tech support and diagnosis for family and friends, later in my teenage years leading to me providing IT and System support to local companies including solicitors, nurseries and other clients.

With my first introduction to programming I got a grasp on the concepts quickly and found a great interest in the creation of bespoke software solutions like the ones listed in my Portfolio. From liaising with clients in the early stages, through implementation to deployment I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to problems more often than not found through careful thought and deliberation. I strive to provide a personal end-to-end service for all of my clients with a flexible development process and first class maintenance and support.

Currently at university in Edinburgh, I offer a comprehensive range of technical services for clients around Edinburgh and along the east coast as far north as Aberdeen.

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