My name's Daniel Waghorn, and I specialise in the creation and development of bespoke websites, software and technical solutions in Edinburgh, along East Scotland and further afield.

In today's digitally powered world people consume more and more content via the internet and on all kinds of devices. This technological landscape continues to evolve beyond recognition at a relentless pace; 2005 was now ten years ago, and to think back to how integrated into your daily lifestyle the internet was back then compared to now is nothing short of wondersome.

Just last year mobile traffic overtook fixed access traffic indicating a massive change in how people were consuming content available to them. It has never been more essential to ensure the accessibility, performance, quality and design of your digital media exceeds the expectations of your customers. Users only spend a few seconds on a webpage if it doesn't quickly grab their attention and draw them in. Can you afford to lose potential conversions just like that?


Responsive Design

Serving up unique and creative websites that play nice with all screen sizes and can be easily and intuitively updated and changed by clients is my speciality.
Web Design


Bespoke Software

From internal utility applications to large bespoke network connected systems I can produce innovative solutions to a business or individual's technical needs.

About Me

Daniel Waghorn

Why not get to know me a little bit and find out what drives me to continually aim to improve my technical skills and where my technological passion comes from.